Climate control is a term used to describe a storage unit that keeps your belongings safe from the outside extreme temperatures by regulating the climate inside the unit.  Our Climate-controlled units are located in Athens, IL  100 E Hargrave Street.  Protect your items from mold, warping, discoloring, fading, and melting due to extreme heat and cold.  Climate-controlled units will maintain a temperature of somewhere between 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit inside the unit.

We have 37 different storage units which vary in size:

Monthly Rental is rage of $ 64 for smallest – $230 for largest (varies by size)

SIZE                      SQFT                                                                                         

5 X 8                     40sqft                  

6 X 8                     48sqft                  

6 X 12                   72sqft                  

8 X 16                   128sqft               

10 X 16                 160sqft               

11 X 16                 176sqft               

12 X 12                 144sqft               

12 X 16                 192sqft

Our location is secured with a monitored camera system and alarm.Please call 217-636-9000 if you are interested In renting a unit. Extension 114